Nisville Jazz Festival (2019)
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Nisville, The International Jazz Festival 2019 (Niš, Serbia)

Featuring Austrian soul & jazz singer Maja Jaku, Dusha Connection had the opportunity to perform at the jubilee 25th Nisville International Jazz Festival.

25th Nisville Jazz Festival

The International Nisville Jazz Festival is the most visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe, since its establishment in 1995. From the beginning, Nisville Jazz Festival consistently defend the European values of multiculturalism and patiently tend the sophisticated musical taste of individuals.
This year Nišville is celebrating a significant jubilee under the slogan of the FESTIVAL FESTIVAL – its 25th anniversary. Nisville 2019 has lasted 11 days, from 1th of August to 11th of August. It brought together over 1,000 performers from around the world in over 20 scenes, with around 300 different programs being performed wher Number of visitors is approximately 200,000!

Poster of the Nisville Jazz Festival (2019)

Dusha Connection feat. Maja Jaku

After several previous collaborations, Maja Jaku and the band joined forces again at this year’s Nisville jazz festival.
Maja Jaku is one of those singers who not only convince with technique, but also one who puts soul and heart into the songs without ever appearing feeble or feisty. If it were necessary, there would be a number of comparisons to the great American singers like Billie Holiday, Bessi Smith or Ella Fitzgerald. But it is not necessary.

Dusha Connection feat. Maja Jaku (Foto by Ksenija Stankovic)
Foto by Ksenija Stanković
Dusha Connection feat. Maja Jaku, Nisville Jazz Fest (2019)
Photo By Ivan Lavrenčić

The third day of the festival opened with a performance by the Austrian group Dusha Connection, accompanied by Maja Jaku, originating from the Balkans. This certainly had a big impact on their musical expression, so their performance was a combination of jazz, soul and music from the Balkans and everything was done in a smooth and tempting way. Their relaxed music, without too big and sudden jumps, was perfectly positioned for Saturday night and gently introduced them to what followed for the rest of the evening.

August 2019:

10th Nisville Jazz Festival, Niš, Serbia